5 for Friday


It’s that time of week where I do battle with my brain for ultimate control of my universe.  Let’s see …

1. My weight continues to slowly go downward and I’m loving it.  My inspiration for losing weight and doing daily exercise has been Ritu and Urbanmile.  I figure if they can do it, then I can do it.  I think the world of these two ladies.

2. The debacle with city government came to closure yesterday.  I guess they figured that they had inflicted enough pain and suffering and extra cost in regards to my shed.  The bottom-line is it’s all signed off now and I can focus on real problems and none of these job securing local government bureaucratic nonsense issues.  Too bad it set my plans back a month and a half.

3.  I get to see the doctor today.  Yea lucky me!  I made a list of things he needs to know.  The first thing on top of the list was my short term memory is the great kaa kaa.  Now I just need to remember where I put the list.

4. The weather out there will continue to be hot and humid over the weekend with normal central Minnesota temps for a late September returning early next week.  That’s OK.  I still have a number of outside chores to get done and I could use the decent weather.

5.  Everything is still so green around me.  It’s not like I’m in a hurry for the seasons to change given we have a very short Autumn here but I would like to start taking some shots of the Autumn colours fairly soon.  I have this concern that it will start and nasty weather will quickly follow right behind it.  It’s done it in the past and it makes for one huge disappointment for camera buffs and camera buff posers like me.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or offer up your talents to help me with my weekend chores.  I really don’t need 50 or so supervisors if you’re even going down that road.