Thursday Morning


What a hectic, hectic morning it’s been.  It’s taken me until now before I could come up for some air and get this post done.  But I suppose it’s the price to pay if one aspires to be part of the dazzling WP crowd.  Maybe I’ll get there one of these days.  I hear it’s a vote by secret committee.  They’d tell me who was on the committee but they’d have to kill me afterwards so I think I’ll pass on that information.

No, I did not get stung when I took this and others.  I’d like to learn to take better macro shots like a few of you on here.  Maybe it’s a good thing to practice and research on over the coming months.  I’ll hav nothing else to do cuz it will be too damn cold out there anywho.

26 responses to “Thursday Morning

  1. Nice pic. I love macro too. Now only if I can be bothered taking out my heavy camera😩 saw a nice little one the other day half the weight but it was like 2.7K all up which was a tad too much

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