What a day!


This is one tired ass cat.  What a long day!  It’s warm and humid once again.  Ugh!  I hate humidity.  A long hot 20 minute shower after I finished up for the day definitely hit the right spots.  The bed is gonna feel good for some tired and sore muscles.

Thursday Morning


What a hectic, hectic morning it’s been.  It’s taken me until now before I could come up for some air and get this post done.  But I suppose it’s the price to pay if one aspires to be part of the dazzling WP crowd.  Maybe I’ll get there one of these days.  I hear it’s a vote by secret committee.  They’d tell me who was on the committee but they’d have to kill me afterwards so I think I’ll pass on that information.

No, I did not get stung when I took this and others.  I’d like to learn to take better macro shots like a few of you on here.  Maybe it’s a good thing to practice and research on over the coming months.  I’ll hav nothing else to do cuz it will be too damn cold out there anywho.