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Some Thoughts for Wednesday Morning


I love watching the sun rise during the early morning hours.  It’s interesting to see the neighborhood wake up and people start their day.  It’s interesting to see how the light changes things.  Well, I think this is interesting at least.

It’s funny how I’ve learned more about my neighborhood and my neighbors by being confined to my home for the summer.  I’m had so many short walks in the neighborhood to relearn how to walk properly and having the added bonus of meeting and talking to so many of my neighbors.  I guess there is a silver lining to this cloud.

We had a nice thunder storm last night.  Big Boy decided he was safe if he hopped up on the bed with me, curl up next to me and stay there for the duration of the storm.  He’s a big chicken.

I’m waiting for a contractor to show up.  I hope he gets here soon.

Summer here is going out with a bang.  Warm temps thru Sunday are predicted.  They can predict them thru Thanksgiving as far as I’m concerned.

More later.  Feel free to comment.  I always appreciate your thoughts, comments and naughty side.  🙂