The last waning week of Summer


I walked bare foot in the grass early this evening.  Maybe I shouldn’t have.  It was moist and cold and it chilled to the bone already.  A lone goose flew overhead honking away as if it was lost and looking for companions.  A small flock of ducks then winged overhead with the wind whistling past their feathers.  And my ever faithful Chickadees flitted in and out feeding at the feeders and then back to the trees.

The shadows from the trees grew longer as the sun slowly sank in the west.  I can feel the season rapidly slipping away as the temps return to being cool and the night air becoming crisp once again.  But most of the trees remain stubborn and refuse to give up their green in order to go to reds and oranges before turning brown and falling.

The gummys and I raked up a nice pile of leaves in the front yard this afternoon.  It wasn’t a large pile but it was large enough for them to jump in, to cover them up one at a time and for having a bit of a leaf fight.  We all had a bit of fun with it none the less and there were plenty of smiles and giggles from them.  Small signs of a new season beginning,

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  1. Autumn Leafer’s tip:
    Place a photo of Donald Trump or a scarecrow fashioned in His image in your yard… your trees will immediately give up all hope and die dropping their shriveled leaves to the ground… this also works on houseguests that have overstayed their welcome… You’re welcome!🍁🍂👍👍

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