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  1. Hey kiddo! #3? EVERYONE’S boss is an asshole, time to time. I’ve only had two ‘supervisor/bosses’ in my entire career life that weren’t. The overwhelming numbers ‘for’ are one reason I’m retired and glad of it.

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  2. Maybe, I’ll try am early morning walk… But it’s so noisy here in the morning with school buses honking and running screaming kids on their way to school. Okay, maybe I won’t try early morning walks.

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  3. I’m not so much college football even though I’m 100 miles from UT Knoxville, but I do wish our boys in blue Tennessee Titans would learn to play a whole game. We do really good for about a half and suck the rest of the way. We are never going to get back to the playoffs again like that. Boy I miss Eddie George and Steve McNair.

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  4. *wanders in, lickin’ on an ice cream cone, dragging DIRT on the soles of her phillipe phloppes….
    looks around, HEY KIDDO!! and a big sticky hug…..wanders back out…..leaving the door open for the bugs that are next in line…..*

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