Friday Afternoon

So I found a new farm for some fresh veggies and sweet corn.  I guess I’m an oddity for the metro area since I buy bulk and can it for the winter months.  The lady running the stand was shocked that I didn’t want only a few ears of corn.  I guess that not a whole lotta people do that here.

I must be a metro area freak.  The farm was cool tho and her two kitties were friendly enough.

Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my rain to come up with something creative for once.  Let’s see …

1. I’m loving these unexpected warm days that we’ve been having.  The downside is the humidity with them.  Oh yeh, the bugs too.  I see no downsides other than those two nuisances.  I love the heat which makes people wonder why I live here.

2. The sod that I laid the other week is is doing great!  Most of it attached itself to the soil (“DIRT” to aggravate Boo) and I should be able to mow it in another 2 weeks.  I can mix up some topsoil, sand and grass seed to fill the gaps in the mean time.  It will look great sometime next year.

3. My boss is a dope.  Enough said.

4. I love my early morning walks now.  I get to see the sun rise and see the flocks of geese flying off to feed.  It’s cool but not overly cool.  I just have to watch for Soccer Moms in Soccer vans who are juggling putting on make up, drinking coffee, being on their mobile and driving all of the same time.  That’s considered acceptable around here I guess.

5. Will the real Nebraska Cornhusker football team ever show up?  I’m not a Big Red fan but c’mon guys!  Tom’s the AD at the school and he hasn’t stepped in yet?  They’re not keeping up with past teams.  That was football talk.  Did I bore you???

OK, that’s it for this week.  I thought of something this morning that I wanted to include but my brain decided to dump that thought in retaliation to my rebellious streak with it.   Such is life I guess.

Feel free to comment while you frolic thru.  That or you can wave and leave a gregarious “HEY KIDDO!” if you want.  🙂