Random Thoughts for a Tuesday


We had fog earlier this morning when I looked out my office window.  Now the sun is rising and it will all burn off quickly.  It’s going to be another beautiful weather day in central Minnesota.  I’ll take as many of these as I can get.

My yard irrigation system is a mess.  I have so many sprinkler heads on my neighbor’s property and they all need to be moved.  Of course this was done before permitting was required so it’s at my expense.  Lucky me.

I feel as tho I’m getting better and my legs are getting stronger and somewhat back to normal but do they ache at night when I’m laying in bed.  But I’m still getting plenty of exercise daily and my weight loss is steady; “slow” but steady.

I’ve heard from two that live in Florida that they’re OK after Irma.  I’m hoping everyone is OK.  Let us know you’re OK.  🙂

I don’t feel too worky right now.  I have to get motivated somehow.  More later.  Feel free to comment.  🙂