Random Thoughts for Labor Day


Today is the last day of summer as far as I’m concerned.  Yeh, I know the calendar says otherwise but the weather tells me something different.  We had our last “hot” day yesterday with temps around 83*F (28C).  It’s all downhill from here on out until you know what flies.  There will be frost on the pumpkins soon enough.

I need to deadhead my marigolds today.  I have a lot to pinch off and save for next year or to give to others.

It’s gonna be a busy day tomorrow even if I do have it off.  I’m not sure how it all managed to work out this way other than it did.  I should have those two areas on the berm with new sod at the end of the day.  We manage to keep moving forward somehow.

It doesn’t seem like Labor Day anymore without the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy.  Those of us that grew up with it on the TV from Friday until Monday know what I mean.  There was always good entertainment while it was on.

Time for some chores and then get ready for a BBQ for the gummys since they start school tomorrow.  Feel free to comment.  🙂