Day 12 in Captivity


Another day held hostage and forced … forced I tell you … to reduce my coffee intake.  I hear my doctor’s office laughing mockingly at me as I try to survive yet another new day on reduced caffeine.  Whoever said this was good for one’s body must be a compete sadist.  The reduced intake has left me somewhat sleepy, tired and weak.  The Neurologist and his PA have obviously found my Kryptonite.

I pray to God … No, God I said.  Not Trump.  Yayayayayayayaaya, I know he thinks he’s a God but what does he know? He has bad hair.  Would a God have bad hair???  No!

Where was I?  I’ve lost my train of thought once again.


If you should find me, take me directly to the nearest Starbucks or Caribou and start a coffee IV.  I think there’s still time left before I succumb to the dark side.

Happy Birthday Tony!

Stop by T-Man’s WP and wish him a Happy Birthday.  Give him a follow if you aren’t already.

Today I turn another year better, wiser, nerdier. It’s my 48th birthday and I am not sure how I feel yet. Celebrating another trip around the sun is always a good thing but what you do in all those trips and how you live is what matters most. I won’t be taking today off which […]

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