Wow! I have good neighbors.

My neighbor and I split the cost of a tree to be removed since we both thought it was on equal sides of the property line.  He came up today and handed me back my half now that it’s been established that it was clearly on his side of the line.  I never expected him to do that nor would I have ever approached him on it.  He did it cuz it was the right thing to do.


Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain as it attempts to once again draw me over to the dark side.  Let’s see …

1. What a busy morning so far and I haven’t managed to kill someone with me cutting back my coffee intake.  I’m not sure if either are good.

2. All I know is the meds that the doc has me on is giving me some wild ass dreams at night.  Horses for crying out loud!  I dreamt of horses last night.  That’s not what I would have be dreaming about 5 years ago.

3. It’s a cool one out there this morning.  This is the first time that I’ve worn jeans in I dunno how long.  It’s a good thing it warmed to a tropical 58*F (14C) so I could put some shorts back on.

4. Today is the last day that I watch my gummys before a new school year starts. I love them all to pieces but I will be glad to see school start.

5. I have relatives in town this weekend which pretty much kills my plans for the weekend.  Well, there’s always next week and next weekend.

There ya have it.  Fell free to comment and or wave a vigorous “Ola!” when you pass by.   🙂