Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

BRRR!  That’s all I have to say about this morning.  It’s so odd that six months ago I would have thought this mornings temps were tropical and now they’re downright chilly.  Odd how perspectives change with time.

Big Boy decided to show me just how many dirty socks he could kill.  He was up to three when I got up and was so proud with himself.  I just shook my head and made sure both kitties were fed.  Miss Lily look at him with her “You’re such a loser” look that she sometimes has.

My property lines are all established now and I can move forward with the city.  Woo Hoo!

Another day with a walking cane.  I have to admit that it helps me keep my balance whenever I look up.  I’m a little more stabile Weeble now.

This is the last week that I help watch the gummys before their school starts.  The summer sure has flown by.  They’re all excited about a new school year starting.

Yard work is in store for after work.  That should be interesting.  More late on I’m sure.   🙂