Wednesday Morning


It was cool out there when I rolled out of bed and made my way downstairs to get started for the day.  The office window was opened and the morning breeze filtered in. I  checked the temp outside.  It was a rather tropical and balmy 50*F (10C) out there.  I guess the days of us having 90*F temps are well over now.  I’ll just have to resign myself and surrender to the inevitable.

I have to be watching for whoever is selling split firewood so I can build up my fire pit wood stocks.  I don’t need a lot of wood and maybe a fifth of a cord would suffice.  I just need enough to have a fire during the early evening hours of the coming autumn nights. It will good to once again sit outside with a crackling fire and no bugs.

There are still a number of outdoor chores that need done while the weather is still warm and there should be plenty of time to get them all done as long as I don’t procrastinate.  I made a list so I wouldn’t forget.  Now I just hope that I don’t forget where I put the list.

4 responses to “Wednesday Morning

  1. Another lovely picture.
    I do that whole “make a list, forget where I put the list” thing. It’s quite frustrating.

    Hey, don’t resign and surrender to the change in weather. You must EMBRACE the change. Every season has something beautiful about it. I miss seasons so much after living here in the land of eternal Summer for 17 years. What I wouldn’t give to have a fire in the fireplace on a brisk Autumn evening! Or to see icicles hanging from the eaves. Or the first “S”fall of the season. See, I was nice, I didn’t say the word.
    Have a wonderful day Jim ❤

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