No view of the eclipse here.

We have overcast skies with rain in them.  So, we didn’t get to see anything of the eclipse other than what is on the net.

C’Est la Vie!!

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  1. Sorry to hear that. It was about 94 degrees here and the marked drop in temperature that was expected really didn’t happen. It only got about as dark as early evening, but the sky looked strange like when you are looking through a weird photo lens on your camera. We did notice that the cicadas stopped chirping and our night lights came on for a few minutes, but other than that, it was just like an overcast day. You didn’t miss alot.

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  2. We were at 90% and noticed the morning becoming darker, we took the digital camera out on the balcony and took a shot behind us, we could see the moon just in front of the sun on the screen – then we performed a cool science experiment, I ripped open a box of those delicious “beet thin” crackers up, grabbed the binoculars and we projected a shot of the eclipse on to it, I was thrilled to see the crescent shape of the sun with the moon in front of it and boy, did the temperature ever drop! All in all, I’m glad I took part!

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    • I disappointed that I didn’t get to see anything. It got darker here but a front moved in and brought rain. I’m too far north and probably couldn’t have seen anything anywho.

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  3. Don’t feel bad. It was sunny here, but pretty much a non even even though we had 85% I didn’t have the glasses so couldn’t look and it only got slightly less sunny . If one didn’t know about it, they would not have noticed. Mini Me out in Idaho was disappointed too and she had 98%

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  4. Well I was in about an 80% zone so it just got a little darker, not much, but today is a little cooler all around. So far anyway. The news coverage was total enough for me so I feel like I experienced it anyway. At least your yard is being watered and my eyes are intact. ~~dru~~

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