Sunday Morning


Yeh, I kinda sorta overdid it yesterday and now I’m paying for it today.  Good thing my only outdoor chore for today was to clean two of my feeders and then replenish the bird feed.  The sun poked out from the overcast skies and poured out the glare.  So far it’s not a good morning for pics.

I got a fire going in the fire pit last night and cleaned up the branches and pieces of scrap wood that I accumulated over the past few weeks.  It took a little persuading to finally get it going but it did roar to life and producing a warm glow against the cool and damp evening breeze.

It was nice to sit outside and sit by the fire as the sky grew darker and the stars came out one by one.  The jets flew overhead on their way into MSP and it made me wonder where they came from and where people traveled to.  There aren’t too many more nights like these left.  Everything will be cooling off soon enough and I’ll be seeing more and more large flocks of geese flying around.

In the mean while, we won’t push August to move any faster than it absolutely has to.

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  1. I still love how you have those marigolds. You can have my August if you want. Not one day this month that hasn’t been over 100 heat index. Actually none in July either. UGH

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