Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


It was nice to go out for a short walk last nite at twilight.  There was a light rain but a nice one none the less.  I liked the orange-gold glow of the street light on wet pavement.  I’ll have to use a better lens next time.  I heard a couple groups of geese flying and one passed overhead not much higher than the rooftops of my neighbor’s houses.  It’s a nice sight but an ominous sign of things to come.

I hopped on the scale this morning and my weight is moving downward once again.  I just gotta keep at it and watch what I eat and how much I eat.

The plan for the week is to fine a sweet corn stand so I can buy around 8 dozen ears of corn.  Canning it for winter will keep me busy, off the streets and out of bars for a while.  I can’t let you think I’m some sorta hooligan like my brother.

My oldest thinks that Dad should have a walking cane when he’s out walking.  I must have given her one helluva look because she came back with a “What???

I’ve been thinking about my two new additions to my yard and how young they are.  I’ve been wondering how I can get u a small brush and tree branch pile by the lilacs and evergreen to maybe provide some extra shelter.  I’ll hafta put some more thought into it.

OK, time to act like I’m working.  Feel free to comment.   🙂