Farmers Market

I love wandering around one of the local Farmers Markets here.  All of the prices are already preset so there’s no bargaining.  The worst hazard is trying to avoid getting ran over in the parking lot by Soccer Moms in their soccer vans and soccer crossovers.  They just go sometimes without looking.  But I did manage to pick up some nice looking potatoes, some sweet corn, two big bags of green beans and a nice bunch of flowers for the coffee table.


27 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. I won’t eat a vegetable without a court order… at least potatoes have the decency to hide their starchy nothingness under a delicious meaty blanket of gravy… I won’t even eat fish or chicken because they’re a pale excuse for real food.
    Pass the Kobe beef!
    Just kidding… I ate a vegetable once… a shiitake mushroom because someone told me it tastes like steak. It doesn’t. Shiitake mushrooms taste like mildew. 👍😞👍

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    1. OMG! I bet that was your sister that told you that about the mushroom. sisters are devious and throw out false facts like a Republican senator. they do that as a way of getting back at us for the innocent tormenting that we did to them when we were kids. why can’t they learn to forgive???

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      1. Buffalo Gal is always trying to trick me into doing something she calls “healthy” but “The Great Shiitake Mushroom Fiasco of 2000” was perpetrated by none other than the French cChef…Julia Child! It also marks the last time I made a contribution, during a pledge drive, to PBS. If PBS would have more programs dedicated to outdoor BBQ… I could be persuaded to reconsider my boycott. Until that time…👎

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      2. PBS is ran by a bunch of vegans, granola eaters and tree huggers. they don’t understand a dude’s biological need to eat beef. I send them a check once a year to keep them at bay or they’d be at my door once a week.

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      3. LOL! I think you mean Trump huggers. The new PBS gets most of it’s funding from corporate sponsorship… which makes me wonder… is that why they no longer do corporate exposes? When Bill Moyers comes back (?) and Judy Woodruff resigns… I might reconsider. PBS should now stand for Private corporate Broadcasting System. Oh well, I’ll save my carping and complaining for an upcoming post where Judy Woodruff access Donald and melania’s marriage counselor…😂 and Barron Trump’s nanny.

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      4. LOL! Speaking of Ken Burns. He is really good! I really like his films. Recently PBS did a salute to Ken Burns and his PBS documentaries… at the end of the salute the credits read:
        A film by Ken Burns
        Written by Ken Burns
        Produced by PBS and Ken Burns
        Directed by Ken Burns
        Art Direction by Ken Burns
        Ken Burns
        Ken Burns
        Ken Burns
        Ken Burns
        and finally
        Factotum: Ken Burns
        LOL! I wish I could do a Buffalo Tom salute on PBS but I think I would include a few of the people who helped make it all possible. 👍👍
        ^^ Buffalo Tom

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