Look close


Look close and then look closer.  You can make out the eye and then an ear.  And when you get it all and get the complete picture in your mind then you realize you have a little ball of fur which will be another mouth to feed this coming winter,  There’s always room for one more around the table and there’s no exception even if you are a ball of fur.  I’ll make sure the feed dish is found back and fill the feed bucket come October.

Farmers Market

I love wandering around one of the local Farmers Markets here.  All of the prices are already preset so there’s no bargaining.  The worst hazard is trying to avoid getting ran over in the parking lot by Soccer Moms in their soccer vans and soccer crossovers.  They just go sometimes without looking.  But I did manage to pick up some nice looking potatoes, some sweet corn, two big bags of green beans and a nice bunch of flowers for the coffee table.