Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


The geese are starting to bunch up once again.  You can see them flying in flocks that are gradually getting larger and larger. I t’s good to see them but I know what’s coming right behind this.  Summer goes by way too fast here in central Minnesota.

Some how, some way I’m getting away from my house this weekend.  I feel as tho I’m on house arrest.

I just did the give away thingee with coffee and supplies that are in my office.  They’ll be moved out of that building before I ever get back to there.  Someone may as well enjoy it rather than tossing it into a trash bin.  My boy at the office scored free supplies.

I need a good pizza for supper tonight.  Not a lot.  Just a slice or two will do it for me.

I find it odd that my one gummy doesn’t like any toothpaste that has mint flavour yet she eats (or devours) my mint chip ice cream.  When I ask her about it she says “But Grandpa I don’t like mint toothpaste!”  Who can argue with that kinda logic?

Rumor has it that I’ll never be coming back to work on location; I’ll be working virtual until I retire and it’s not fair.  My response?  I’ll be glad to trade physical conditions with them and you can tell them that’s my retort to them.  What a bunch of whiney butts.

Time to return to acting like I actually get some work done.   🙂

Feel free to comment or wave “Hidey Ho!” while passing thru.



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36 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning”

  1. Hidey ho! Nice garden view. Hope you get better. Your workmates don’t know what they wish when they say that they want it like you. I bet they don’t. “Pling”

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      1. the dead blossom is full of seeds and best of all they are FREE! I put them into a paper sack and store them for next year. I will resow my flower beed with them so I have lotsa flowers again. 🙂

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  2. Working from home is the best .. especially when your home looks like that!
    Maybe you should send the butt hurt colleagues some pics … with “wish you were here” on them lol.

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  3. Well, I for one envy your change of seasons. At least you have an Autumn to look forward and I won’t mention that other season, except to say it makes for a prettier Christmas time. 🙂 That’s funny about your gummy not liking mint toothpaste but eating the mint ice cream. My almost six-year-old granddaughter does that too.
    Don’t give up on getting well enough to go back to work in person. Just take this one day at a time ❤

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