Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


The geese are starting to bunch up once again.  You can see them flying in flocks that are gradually getting larger and larger. I t’s good to see them but I know what’s coming right behind this.  Summer goes by way too fast here in central Minnesota.

Some how, some way I’m getting away from my house this weekend.  I feel as tho I’m on house arrest.

I just did the give away thingee with coffee and supplies that are in my office.  They’ll be moved out of that building before I ever get back to there.  Someone may as well enjoy it rather than tossing it into a trash bin.  My boy at the office scored free supplies.

I need a good pizza for supper tonight.  Not a lot.  Just a slice or two will do it for me.

I find it odd that my one gummy doesn’t like any toothpaste that has mint flavour yet she eats (or devours) my mint chip ice cream.  When I ask her about it she says “But Grandpa I don’t like mint toothpaste!”  Who can argue with that kinda logic?

Rumor has it that I’ll never be coming back to work on location; I’ll be working virtual until I retire and it’s not fair.  My response?  I’ll be glad to trade physical conditions with them and you can tell them that’s my retort to them.  What a bunch of whiney butts.

Time to return to acting like I actually get some work done.   🙂

Feel free to comment or wave “Hidey Ho!” while passing thru.