Now these are the rains that I enjoy


I love these nice and slow rains that last all day.  I’d be upstairs baking if I weren’t supposed to be working.  Regardless I think this is a good bread baking day just as soon as I can shut my work laptop down.  The weather also reminds me to get back on my search for the ultimate potato soup recipe.  I’ll need it sooner than I actually want to admit it.


30 thoughts on “Now these are the rains that I enjoy

  1. A Perfectmindstorm

    Is the potato soup recipe to go along with the Mr Potato Head avatar ? 🙂 I love rainy days too, but here, this time of day we mostly just get a quick afternoon thunderstorm and then it is humid again

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      1. I know I should be more visible. I will surely try my best especially it’s back to school soon! It’s summer so kids are always around me! You take care Jim! Keep writing. I will read them soon as I’m back. Have fun baking : )

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