Now these are the rains that I enjoy


I love these nice and slow rains that last all day.  I’d be upstairs baking if I weren’t supposed to be working.  Regardless I think this is a good bread baking day just as soon as I can shut my work laptop down.  The weather also reminds me to get back on my search for the ultimate potato soup recipe.  I’ll need it sooner than I actually want to admit it.

Glamour Shot

I’ve been observing what appears to me to be a goodly number of glamour shots on individual Gravatar pics.  You know the ones that I’m talking about.

  • They look like they’re ready to hop into some expensive foreign sports car and drive off towards Hollywood and Vine.
  • They have that wind blowing thru their hair look as they’re ready to jet off to some distant and foreign land like Nepal or off on some African safari.
  • They have that scholarly “I’m an accomplished writer”  look and this is the pic that’s on the paper jacket of my latest book.
  • I’m a 20 – 30 something and I have the world by the balls” look.

Don’t misconstrue what I’ trying to say here.  I’d never attempt to take away from or play down someone’s accomplishments.  Hey, more power to them for their hard work and efforts.  I’m just saying … well … hmmmm … what am I trying to say?

I’ll never pass for a 20 or 30 something and I’m definitely not a jet setter or one of the beautiful people.  I’m never gonna be an accomplished writer and if I were I think my jacket photo would look more like “Fred down the street” versus Garrison Keillor.  I think I need to upgrade my image to something more mature like Gary Cooper or Cary Grant or Clark Gable or Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire.

Yeh, Fred Astaire.  I bet my Gravatar would look good like that.  Now I just hafta work on my dance moves.