Tuesday Lunch


Tuesday.  This must be “Jim Recover from a Mild Relapse” kinda sorta day.  That wasn’t fun and “No” let’s not do that again.  A relapse brought on by stress and the stress was caused by an inspector who wants to be a jerk.  Oh lucky me.  Well, no worries now.  It is what it is and I can only control what I can control and then deal with the rest as it comes.  I did engineer in my pointy lil’ head a solution if it comes to that and it all goes according to Hoyle.

So in the meanwhile I’ll sit here and take my time eating my lunch and listen to the birds singing outside.  My ever faithful Chickadees and now a pair of faithful male and female Cardinals always come to visit.  Even the Sparrows are becoming routine visitors to my feeders even if they are quite shy.  There are a few definite and surprising advantages to working from home if you sit down and actually look for them.

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  1. Theres some gorgeous advantages working from home by the looks!

    Hope you are recovering alright ❤ and may I suggest a dose of Irish whoop-ass on the inspector 😉

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