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  1. Giggling a LOT. I’m not fond of wearing pants, but these days they are required. My bladder has staged a revolt and the alternative means a lot of money spent on getting my furniture dry cleaned. I’d rather wear the despised trouser. And oddly enough, last night my movie selection was entitled “The Nudist Camp” and was filmed in 1950. Now I’ve BEEN a naturist in the past, and hung out with a group of like minded folks. I was curious to see how they treated the subject in 1950. A bit tame and someone had great skill at the ‘fuzzy lens” school of filming…you could see the folks were nekkid, you could NOT make out any details, a disappointment for those of us with a voyeuristic bent. Even the close-ups only showed an occasional nipple or breast, very tastefully shown under an open shirt and the guys ran around in shorts that probably rendered them sterile, they were that tight and short. Probably extremely racy for 1950. Still I like the idea of no pants. It’s just so much more comfortable that way, isn’t it?

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  2. I’m doing a story on the show, “Naked and Afraid” for tomorrow. If I were a contestant, I wouldn’t be wearing pants, and I’d finally be able to lose some of my excess weight, without dieting. It’s called starvation.

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    • or you could be called “Bear Bait”. I personally stay out of the ocean cuz I know sharks would take one look at me and think “OOOOOOO! Corn fed and well marbled!!! Nom, nom, nom!”

      that and little kids think I’m a beached white whale. that’s embarrassing when they try to roll you into the water.