Looking out my back door this afternoon


So my weekend chores are done for this weekend and I’m sitting here listening to it rain outside.  It’s a nice rain.  One of those slow and steady ones that’s enough to water the garden and the the grass seed that I’ve put out.  I rolled the awning out a bit so I could keep the door open without all of the rain water splashing in thru the screen.

The breeze feels nice on sore and aching muscles.  I have some YouTube tunes playing while I sit here and try to relax.  I knew I was forgetting something and it took me a while to figure out that I didn’t bake any bread this weekend.  Hmmm.  I guess I’ll have to save that particular chore for an afternoon this week.  I’ll hafta write it down so I don’t forget again.

Forgetting the little things.  Yeh, I’m getting pretty good at that.  It causes me concern.  Well, I guess everything in its own time.  Guess I’ll just hafta open a bottle of wine and have a glass or two with my leftover Chinese and see where that takes me.


41 thoughts on “Looking out my back door this afternoon

      1. The nature video shows a few guy went to Great Barrier Reef and filmed the same coral over 4 months, 26% turned from lively bright colors to burned, crumbled pieces in front of the damera! Some people may not believe the Global Warming!

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      2. my argument is this; it’s a moot issue whether or not Global Warming exists. However, we do have a responsibility to our children, our grandchildren and all other following generations that we leave this world better than what we found it.

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