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Here is something that you may not know about me: I enjoy riding motorcycles. This is my Suzuki GSXR 750 and it is in perfect condition. This motorcycle handles really well at higher rates of speed and actually performs better the faster you go!

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I can’t let Danny outdo me!!  Here’s a picture of my Cub Cadet.  It’s also in almost kinda sorta perfect shape.  And it also performs better the faster it goes. Yeh baby!  I think it gets up to an incredible 6 MPH!!  It sucks the breath right outa your body.  I get on this, fire it up and that Steppenwolf song “Born to Be Wild” goes thru my head.

Men like Danny and me like to live on the edge.  Make sure you visit his blog and give him a follow if you aren’t already.




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