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      1. I also spent a lotta time beating chalk erasures together and wiping down church pews with Murphy’s Oil Soap and water. I think I’m allergic to that stuff now.


      1. Heya Jim, I’ve been out and about wrestling crocs, haha. But I’m back from the deep now. Doing ok, though I’ve returned to an arctic Melbourne. You? Kinda, sorta ok, hmm. 🙂

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      2. wrestling crocs? OMG! you are a goddess!!! where can I steal away an Aussie lady like you??? Yeh, I’m OK. I have good days and bad ones still. but hey, one day at a time, right? 🙂

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      3. I dunno. you Aussie ladies bear watching. you may use me a bait for Great Whites. I can here you now …

        “Oh, he’s OK. Just a bit tussled up on one side but he can be used again at least two more times.”

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      4. uh huh. I see how it is.

        “Hey Jim. Jump in the water and splash around. I want those Killer Whales to come closer so I can get some better photos. So be a dear and do that right now for me.”

        Then I’d say “Huh?” and you would say ..

        “Now listen here my good man …”

        you know you’re in big time trouble any time an Aussie or British lady starts a sentence with that.

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      5. yeh but I could probably smooth it over with a “Can I bring you a cuppa tea? Maybe some biscuits? Can I get you anything else? A pillow? A foot massage?”

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