Looking out my back door this morning


Things are starting to stir out there.  It was better at 6:30 when most of the neighborhood was still asleep.  The birds were singing, the Blue Jays were squawking (real ones; not the Toronto ones) and there were very few cars on the road.  You can hear the train off in the distance as it made it’s way on it’s way to St. Paul.  It made for a nice sunrise walk.

I started a s**t storm yesterday in the neighborhood when I was trying to find my buried property markers.  My northern line may go further north than what my neighbor and I thought, so he’s all worried about property sizes and accounting for what should be his right now.  All I want is for the city to sign off on my shed and then go away.  The rest will work itself out as far as I’m concerned.  🙂

Oh yeh, Miss Lily caught a bug and brought it to me to show me.  She didn’t kill it right away cuz she wanted to play with it.  Then she got bored with it and left it there since I’m supposed to clean up after her in her opinion.  Lucky me.