Looking out my window this morning


I love rain.  It’s cooled off everything here and I dont have to water the lawn or the garden because of it.  It’s also watered the sod that I put around the sides of my shed.  It will slow me down a bit with installing a ramp but I’ll deal with it.  One step at a time.  I’ll be off to my store of dreams tomorrow for some materials.  In the meanwhile I think I’ll be watching for the birds that come to visit.   🙂


17 thoughts on “Looking out my window this morning

  1. We haven’t had rain for months. Our forest fires could use some. I liked your pic, it reminds me how much I miss it which is odd because we get a lot of it every other season but summer.

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      1. It does, but not in the summer. We usually average 150+ days a year where it rains. But when it rains, it rains all day for an entire week which is depressing. But summer … we have to conserve water, we always have problems with forest fires, and everyone buys portable ac’s and wants to be at the beach or in a pool.

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  2. How lovely to have rain, we have not had rain for weeks – we are experiencing a heat wave this week and now the smoke from all the fires burning up country has drifted down to blanket our city, thank goodness, there’s a small breeze this morning! I can hardly wait to drink a cup of tea with a cool rain falling…

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  3. All we got yesterday at my house was thunder which caused my Rot to have a fit. She couldn’t understand why there was thunder when we didn’t even have clouds. So much for scattered rain. But I did get a cool breeze from the nearby rain so that was good.

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      1. My large Himalaya mix (half Himalaya half passerby) was afraid of everything. Storms sounds the works. He almost beat himself to death because he got a walmart bag handle over his head and the bag was following him and he couldn’t get it off. Up until he died you could cause him to run if you barely shuffled a walmart bag enough to make a noise.


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