I forgot the Grammar Nazi would be on

So I have my MacBook all reimaged with the apps and software that I need back on it.  My printer/scanner/copier/fax is set back up wirelessly so I can use that thing once again.  What I have apparently forgotten is the good people at Apple have set the OS so the Grammar Nazi kicks in automatically and is laid out on me without a choice just like a Trump Executive Order.

I don’t like to capitalize when I’m writing comments.  That’s my little act of rebellion yet the Mac Grammar Nazi disagrees with me and lets me know that I’m not e.e. cummings.

I type the word “pling” ang the Grammar Nazi changes it to “paling”.

I type the word “friggen'” and it changes it to “fridge”.

So I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering if I’m having some brain rejection side effects from my little episode when it finally dawns on me that maybe … just maybe … the Grammar Nazi is at work.  So we Google it and sure enough it’s on and we quickly shut it off.

Take that Mac Grammar Nazi!

Now if we can only shut off El Presidente.