40 comments on “Random Thoughts for Tuesday

  1. Hey, 18 pounds is great!
    It’n normal to plateau every now and again. Just stay strong and persistant 🙂
    You can do it.

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  2. The garden is the very best place to work in and loose weight. Why work out when you can dig, weed, lift, bend, carry in your own garden and create beauty and a place for wildlife too. Ditch the power tools. Do it all old school and get in wonderful shape!🌞🌳🌸🌺💐

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    • I like working outdoors. The only power tools that I use are my tractor to mow the lawn and my weed whip for trimming. everything else is by hand. you work up a good sweat that way but I agree it’s a wonderful feeling. 🙂


      • I have almost a half acre lot with a berm on it. besides, my grands love riding on the garden tractor. they have the greatest expressions on their faces when I let them ride with me and do most of the driving. No, they don’t ride when I mow. they’re only allowed to ride when the mowing blade is not engaged.

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