Random Thoughts for Tuesday


My garden shed is in and now comes the hard part of building the ramp and doing the landscaping around it.  The grass will be the easy part of the landscaping.  The hard part will be doing the landscaping so it looks like it’s been nestled in there for years.  I do have an idea for some smaller bushes that blaze gold or orange in the Fall.  The rest we will sort out in due time.

I’ve been trying to make myself stand more.  It helps to some degree with giving myself more stamina but my legs sure are sore at the end of the day.  Well, I guess there are several reasons why they’re sore at the end of the day; this is just one of them.

A new August.  This mean COLLEGE FOOTBALL soon!!!  God, I’m excited about that.

Several of you have me inspired to make a serious attempt to lose weight this year.  I’ve done pretty well with dropping 18 pounds but I’m kinda sorta stuck at 206 right now.  I have a few outdoor chores that should help burn some of that off as long as I watch what I eat.

I think Saturday will definitely be a Farmers Market kinda day.  Now I just haft decide which one that I want to attend.  There’s one a little farther away than the one that I normally go to and I’ve never been to it.  Maybe I’ll go to that one.

Well I suppose it’s time to act like I’m working.  Fell free to comment.   🙂


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      1. wow! there are a lot of good plans on the web to build these. it sounds like it could be a good cottage industry there.

        LOL. shall we comment on what you’re not into??? 😉

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      2. handcuffs? ugh! the last time I was in cuffs was because I had been drinking to excess and had gotten a bit silly. the Poh-leese didn’t think it was silly. a couple of us spent the night in the drunk tank to sleep it off and then they sent us home.


  1. Hey, 18 pounds is great!
    It’n normal to plateau every now and again. Just stay strong and persistant 🙂
    You can do it.

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      1. No, I had posted a new picture on my blog, no visit, no comment, so I reposted it again, no visit, no comment. So I took it down . :-/

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    1. yep. that and a bunch of other things so I can get them out of the garage. I hate walking around the house to the garage whenever I need something for the yard or the garden.

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  2. The garden is the very best place to work in and loose weight. Why work out when you can dig, weed, lift, bend, carry in your own garden and create beauty and a place for wildlife too. Ditch the power tools. Do it all old school and get in wonderful shape!🌞🌳🌸🌺💐

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    1. I like working outdoors. The only power tools that I use are my tractor to mow the lawn and my weed whip for trimming. everything else is by hand. you work up a good sweat that way but I agree it’s a wonderful feeling. 🙂


      1. I have almost a half acre lot with a berm on it. besides, my grands love riding on the garden tractor. they have the greatest expressions on their faces when I let them ride with me and do most of the driving. No, they don’t ride when I mow. they’re only allowed to ride when the mowing blade is not engaged.

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