A Thought for Tuesday



43 thoughts on “A Thought for Tuesday

      1. it did! I swear to God. he had one of those portable hand shower thingees that he used to splash everyone. that is until he saw me. then he threw water at me three times for some unknown reason.


      2. I was sitting with my nephews when I was hit and I said ‘it burns! it burns!” my sister-in-law wasn’t happy with me for some reason for saying it. maybe it was because my nephews started saying it too but that’s only a wild guess on my part.

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      3. I’m just relaying a real life situation. my life flash before my eyes, I swear! there was smoke … REAL SMOKE!!! … coming off of me from where the holy water hit me. I’m surprised that lil’ ol’ blue haired ladies weren’t hitting me with their purses to stop the smoke.

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