We did our quasi time capsule

I’m stealing an idea from Miss Anna once again.  The previous chalk artwork was washed away by the rain and by the lawn irrigation system.  I shut off the irrigation system yesterday and we had no rain last night.  The gummys, their Dad and I created some artwork for posterity.  So this will all be covered up and it will be years before it’s exposed once again.  This is our quasi time capsule that we’re leaving behind.

I’ll be dead and gone by the time the shed is replaced.  I wonder if the girls will remember this?


37 thoughts on “We did our quasi time capsule

  1. What a lovely idea!
    I am sure that they will remember. The capsule, the drawings and their awesome granddad with the crazy ideas 😉

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      1. He had!
        He told us all the funny stories about rural life in 1920s, 1930s Germany. And again about life in the 1950s to 1980s. They did some crazy things back then ^^

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    1. yeh, they’ll probably say to their Dad “Do you remember when we did all of that chalk art on Grandpa’s shed pad? I wonder if the shed is still there?”

      it’s good to see you sweetie. 🙂

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      1. see?? all a guy has to do is mention football and tailgating and any true Texas lady’s eyes light right up! you Texas ladies are like a sports nut’s dream.

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