Looking out my window this Monday morning


It’s quiet out there other than the usual Monday morning traffic that is on the main road out back of my place.  Moms and Dads are off and running to get back to the usual Monday – Friday work week.  Why can’t we be more like France and only have a four day work week?  That makes far more sense to me.  Maybe they have something with this concept.  Then again we would more than likely get used to it and then complain about not having a three day work week and how long working four days a week is.

I see air traffic overhead my place has returned once again only this time it’s outbound traffic instead of inbound.  God, I wish I was on one of those jets going some place.  Going  anywhere actually.  I wouldn’t mind just as long as it was some place new that I’ve never been to before.  Well maybe someday soon I hope.

In the meanwhile, I have to try and focus on a couple work related things today.  A crew is supposed to show up later today to deliver and erect my shed and I have a couple yard chores today.  Maybe with any luck I can go to the Farmers Market next Saturday.  I like wandering around them.  Maybe I can find a new sweet corn source that way.   🙂


32 responses to “Looking out my window this Monday morning

  1. I reckon the French definitely have that sorted! And is it the Italians that do the mid afternoon nap?? Brilliant I say 🙂

    And your garden is looking good!

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  2. I see your raised bed are doing well. It’s hard to see what’s growing. Are those pumpkins, or some type of squash in the back, and beans in the front left? I could be completely wrong, but they look a lot like some of my crops. Good luck with the shed.

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    • yeh, I have a bed with green beans in it, a bed with pumpkins, a bed with sweet potatoes, a bed with green peppers, a bed with carrots and green onions, a bed with strawberries, and a bed with peas and beets. I don’t do so well with tomatoes, so I get them at the Farmer’s Market.


  3. You could sell your house and become a hobo and get a bandanna and tie a change of clothes and an old tin cup into it and then you could hop onto box cars and ride around the country. This way you would not have to worry about how many work days you have, and you could see other places while you were at it. But you might start to stink after a few days of no bathing and riding in boxcars and that would run off all the pretty ladies in high heels and stockings and you would probably grow tired of life on the rails , but you would be stuck because you would have no home to go back to and at that point you would be desperate enough to come down here and be my pool boy, but don’t come until I dig the pool and that might take awhile with just this one shovel and me .

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