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Welcome to My Birthday Coffee Share! It’s my birthday today. So, come along and join me. We can grab a huge chunk of sludgy chocolate cake with our coffee and swing from the chandeleir, until the whole darn thing rips out of the ceiling. I might just leave out the bit about us falling to […]

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We did our quasi time capsule

I’m stealing an idea from Miss Anna once again.  The previous chalk artwork was washed away by the rain and by the lawn irrigation system.  I shut off the irrigation system yesterday and we had no rain last night.  The gummys, their Dad and I created some artwork for posterity.  So this will all be covered up and it will be years before it’s exposed once again.  This is our quasi time capsule that we’re leaving behind.

I’ll be dead and gone by the time the shed is replaced.  I wonder if the girls will remember this?

Looking out my window this Monday morning


It’s quiet out there other than the usual Monday morning traffic that is on the main road out back of my place.  Moms and Dads are off and running to get back to the usual Monday – Friday work week.  Why can’t we be more like France and only have a four day work week?  That makes far more sense to me.  Maybe they have something with this concept.  Then again we would more than likely get used to it and then complain about not having a three day work week and how long working four days a week is.

I see air traffic overhead my place has returned once again only this time it’s outbound traffic instead of inbound.  God, I wish I was on one of those jets going some place.  Going  anywhere actually.  I wouldn’t mind just as long as it was some place new that I’ve never been to before.  Well maybe someday soon I hope.

In the meanwhile, I have to try and focus on a couple work related things today.  A crew is supposed to show up later today to deliver and erect my shed and I have a couple yard chores today.  Maybe with any luck I can go to the Farmers Market next Saturday.  I like wandering around them.  Maybe I can find a new sweet corn source that way.   🙂