Sunday Morning


It’s quiet out there for this Sunday morning.  I don’t even hear anything flying overhead into MSP.  Odd.  The cool of the morning is starting to give way to the heat of the day.  The grass has a lot of dew on it from last night so I’m putting off my weeding core until it dries out a bit more.  That’s not gonna bode well for me since it will be a lot hotter when I do go outside to get it done.

In the meanwhile I have a pork loin to marinade for Sunday dinner.  I cut off some fresh rosemary for the marinade and rinsed it off.  God, I love the smell of it.  That’s one nice thing about growing your own herbs; you know they’re fresh plus they are a lot cheaper than what you pay at the store.  Now I just need to figure out how I can grow them year round.

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