Looking out my back door this morning


And Houston we have success with reformatting my MacBook and reinstalling the OS.  What this essentially did was give me a fresh MacBook which is what I’ve needed for a while now.  It was getting slow and there were some errors popping up but they’re all gone now.  It’s working once again just like the day that I took it out of the box and set it up.  Not bad for a six year old MacBook.

The downside is setting up all of my preferences once again and then adding back and reinstalling applications like Office for Mac.  This is all minor inconveniences in my view right now.  And hey!  My Canz speaker is working great once again!  The smooth jazz is just flowing out of it this morning.   🙂

4 responses to “Looking out my back door this morning

  1. I think backing up your data or doing a continuous backing up as time goes by is a good thing. Then reinstalling your OS every now and then does wonders for performance and clears out problems that have accumulated over time.

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    • I agree. I used to clean up my PCs and do a total reinstall on them once every three years and they performed a lot better afterwards. This is the first time I’ve had to do it on m MacBook and it’s back to normal once again. 🙂