I think I’m improving

Well, I like to think I’m improving.  I only smacked my head twice this afternoon on tree branches while mowing the grass.  That’s at least half of what I normally do when mowing.  That’s improvement, right?  Then again, I did forget my hearing protection.

Here’s a little Richard Elliot to distract you from that last sentence.  Hope you can view!


I have to be more careful


I think Buffalo Tom, Iggy and Gunther are on to me and who I really am.  I have to be more careful with my secret identity.  Besides I’d be swamped with emails if my real picture gets out.  I understand babes dig scars.

Hump Day Morning


A hoolie blew thru here early this morning.  The was wind and rain and thunder (lots of thunder) and lightning (lots of that too).  The rain came down in sheets and the trees were swaying back and forth.  I rolled out of bed at 4:00 AM and stumbled down the hall to watch the show thru my front window.  It was actually pretty awesome to watch but maybe I’m a bit odd like that.