Monday Morning


I’d like to say that this Monday is just like any other Monday but it’s not.  I had a bit of a relapse that I’m working thru right now and I’m hoping it will all work out soon.  In the meanwhile I have my Spring beds to tend to since I’ve harvested everything out of them. All the peas, carrots and green onions are done and a second crop has been planted.  I’m betting I still have time for a second crop to come in before nature takes it’s normal course here.

So I can turn my attention back to a couple outdoor projects since the re-seeding is done. I’m gonna have to make another trip to my store of dreams come to think of it.  Maybe this is a good night to go have some Mexican since the restaurant is conveniently located there.  I sure like that convenience sometimes.   🙂

36 responses to “Monday Morning

  1. You sure plant nice raised beds 🙂 My garden is done for now, except for the herb garden which goes on all year. I will plant again in late November or early December. That seems to work better here in the land of eternal summer.

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  2. Looking good, Jim. Our peas are almost finished. Cucumbers are coming along – picked two already – eaten already. We’ve picked two tomatoes to finish ripening inside. Can’t wait to eat them.

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