Monday Evening


Outside chores are done for today.  The dirt pile beside the pad for the shed has been removed and the excess dirt has all been leveled.  I did a quick assessment and some quick calculations in my head and I think I can get by with 6 or 8 bags of topsoil to finish sloping the ground.  I can do that and then the grass seeding once the shed is installed next Monday afternoon.  All in all the work is not bad for someone whose legs don’t always work the way they should if I say so myself.  Working outdoors continues to be a mission but enough about that.

It’s a beautiful evening in central Minnesota tonight.  The evening air is cool and a soft breeze carries it past my place.  My ever faithful Chickadees and Sparrows are still coming in to feed while my red Cardinal chirps at me from the pines.  It hates that I’m sitting on the deck writing this and it refuses to fly in given how shy it is around mere humans.  It would just as soon prefer that I take myself inside so it can have sole possession of the deck while it feeds.  My ever faithful Chickadees don’t seem to mind my presence.  Then again, maybe they are a little braver.  They flit in to feed, sing a little tune and then flit back to the trees.

Sitting on the deck is much more enjoyable than watching some mind numbing TV.  I think I’ll sit a while longer and listen to some tunes while I surf.

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