Looking out my back door this morning


It’s nice sitting here with one of my morning cups of coffee.  I’m half convinced that I need to shut everything up and turn the AC on but the other half talks me into leaving the windows and the deck door open for the morning breezes.

I’ve already done a couple of my short walks this morning to strengthen my legs and I’ve seen a few of the things that I normal see while on them:

  • There were the bunnies at the vacant house nibbling away on the grass and the wild clover.  They’re getting fat.  I’m sure they’ll be visiting the feed dish that I usually set out for the winter.
  • Then there was one of those Minnesota Wingless Tree Dragons that was savaging a neighbor’s bird feeder.  Hey, better them than me.  It’s all good as long as they leave my nuts alone.
  • A neighbor was out walking his two Labradors too.  I like his dogs.  They are a friendly pair of ladies that likes attention.  Of course my hands smelled like Labrador Retriever afterwards which did not please Miss Lily one bit.

So I’m back sitting here checking email, a few sports articles and of course writing this.  This is part of the dazzling south metro urbanite life style.  Impressive, huh?  I wonder where the Paparazzi is?  They must have the day off cuz they’re too tired from trying to keep up.


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15 thoughts on “Looking out my back door this morning”

  1. Haha I know that look a dog gives when you have been petting another dog. Like you have been cheating on them. I hope Miss Lily wasn’t upset fo too long 😋😋😋

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      1. yeh. I’d like to have another Lab but I don’t miss the dog hair everywhere, the Lab smell on the couch (cuz that’s why I bought it so they can sleep on it) and then cleaning up the land mines it leaves in the back yard.

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      2. TIs true that part is not fun but my 25 pound lab/chow/blue healer mix is not that bad to care for. But I totally understand I think 25 pounds is probably the bigest I could have for a dog. Big dog are still fun to see especially when they are so happy to see you.

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      1. hahahaha not a good idea to post nakie pics on the internet. I might end up on the “Old Grannies who scare people” page

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