Looking out my front window this morning


It’s another beautiful day in central Minnesota even tho I know it’s gonna be a warm one.    That’s OK.  I’ll take the heat any day.  However, you can feel the humidity out there and the grass was soaked when I took my flag outside to run up the pole.  The early morning dew is kinda cold on bare feet.



21 thoughts on “Looking out my front window this morning

      1. then you Canadian pirates should be good enough to live up to your pirate image and kidnap El Presidente next time he is in Canada and hold him for ransom. We’;; take up a collection to pay it.

        I figure we’ll collect enough in say like … ohhh … I dunno … maybe 50 or 60 years.

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      2. you say “that’s good. we be thinking of a plan to capture the scurvy man. arrrrrrrrrrrrr!” and then you saunter away like you have a fake peg leg.

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      1. A Perfectmindstorm

        because, I went to my birthday post and it was gone, it said it no longer existed ,
        now I come back and it is there, tricky 😛

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