Happy Birthday Miss C


Today’s the day!  Feel free to leave birthday wishes if you would like.  You can also visit her WordPress at https://perfectmindstorm2.wordpress.com.


42 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Miss C

  1. A Perfectmindstorm

    Wait, what’s this about me giving you and Boo cake? You will have to wait until Wednesday when my granddaughter comes over and we bake my cake, which, is going to be a Smurf cake. 😀 .

    Oh and Happy Birthday Jim. 😉

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  2. A Perfectmindstorm

    Trying to make me think I am going crazy I see… so HOW did this get to the top of your page???? Ugh, I’m old, don’t play tricks on me :-/

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  3. A Perfectmindstorm

    Kisses kisses kisses ❤ Thank you sweety. Love ya. Now remember, this is the Last birthday for me. Any more after this will be ignored 😀

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