Happy Birthday Miss C


Today’s the day!  Feel free to leave birthday wishes if you would like.  You can also visit her WordPress at https://perfectmindstorm2.wordpress.com.

42 responses to “Happy Birthday Miss C

  1. Wait, what’s this about me giving you and Boo cake? You will have to wait until Wednesday when my granddaughter comes over and we bake my cake, which, is going to be a Smurf cake. 😀 .

    Oh and Happy Birthday Jim. 😉

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  2. Trying to make me think I am going crazy I see… so HOW did this get to the top of your page???? Ugh, I’m old, don’t play tricks on me :-/

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  3. Kisses kisses kisses ❤ Thank you sweety. Love ya. Now remember, this is the Last birthday for me. Any more after this will be ignored 😀

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