Art Sunday #131: Hugo Simberg – The Wounded Angel


The Wounded Angel (Finnish: Haavoittunut enkeli) (1903) is a painting by Finnish symbolist painter Hugo Simberg. It is one of the most recognizable of Simberg’s works, and was voted Finland’s “national painting” in a vote held by the Ateneum art museum in 2006.

Like other Simberg works, the atmosphere is melancholic: the angelic central figure with her bandaged forehead and bloodied wing, the sombre clothing of her two youthful bearers. The direct gaze of the right-hand figure touches the viewer.


19 responses to “Art Sunday #131: Hugo Simberg – The Wounded Angel

  1. I really like this painting, what comes to my mind is two brothers kind of vexed because their little sister want to play dress up as an angel. Then she tried to fly and fell and banged her head, the younger brother in the front is trying to think of the right words to tell mom when they get home. Because if they were watching her the way they were supposed to be she would not have gotten hurt.

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