Five for Friday

It’s that time of week where I pit myself against my brain to see who has total control.  The brain is cheating by distracting me over the dreaded Minnesota Wingless Tree Dragons.  That’s sooooooo unsportsmanlike.

1. The good news this week is the doctor noted significant physical improvement since my last visit.  There are still some physical issues and mental issues to work thru but things are looking good.

2. My eyes about popped out of my skull this morning when I hopped on the scale.  208!  Wow!  That puts me down 16 pounds since I started all of this last April.  Let’s hope I can keep this up.

3. It’s another beautiful summer day in central Minnesota.  The sky is blue and the nearest cloud must be off somewhere over Cheese Land.  I’m loving it.

4. My one yard chore is going really well and I’m ahead of schedule on it.  It looks like I’ll have it all done come Sunday other than disposal of the yard waste.  That will be one more thing that I can tick off my “To Do List”.

5. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into retiring early.  The downside is I’d have to find something else to pay the bills but the upside is I would keep my medical insurance.  I’m gonna have to give it some more thought before I punch out.

There it is.  Feel free to comment and/or wish Miss C a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”.



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23 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

    1. yeh I can put in and go any time now. the problem is there’s not a lot in it and I pay a penalty for early retirement. still I would have major medical insurance which is a huge plus.

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      1. Oh I see.
        My in-laws won’t have paid their mortgage by the time they hit retirement; they’re wondering about selling up. I guess you gotta make the best decisions for your situation 🙂
        You’ve got ages and ages to wait for your official retirement though … 🙂

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  1. I’m proud of you over the weight loss. Just don’t lose so much that you have no butt. I just happen to be a butt person 😉 Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes even though it is not till next week 😀

    If you retire early, there is not excuse not to come down and be my pool boy….. Well except I don’t have a pool, but I could dig a hole in the back yard 😀

    Love ya darlin

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