Wednesday Night


I was going to write something but someone’s post has me completely distracted.  I have this visual in my head now.

OK, so the sun is down and the air cooled off.  The lawn no longer looks like an unkempt hippy and everything was cleaned up and put away.  The hot shower felt really good on some sore muscles and it feels good sitting here on my deck finishing out the day.  There’s a beautiful evening sky and no chance of rain.  I think I’ll leave my bedroom window open tonight.

Looking out my window this morning


I’m looking out my window this morning and the first thought that goes thru my pointy lil’ head is “Ummmm … someone needs to get off their hiney and mow that grass.”  Yeh.  So you probably know the chore that’s at the top of my list when I close up shop for the day. I just have to be more careful of those low hanging tree branches so I don’t smack my head AGAIN.  It’s taken me over a week for my head to heal from the last episode.