Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


Mr. Squirrel decided to clean out my the bird feeder before heading out.  I knew he was there when I heard this distinctive “THUNK!” when it jumped and landed on the ground. Then it slowly walked away to add insult to injury.  Ugh!

I managed to break one of my lawn sprinkler heads last night while attempting to get it level once again.  That will be fun to pay to have replaced.  Double Ugh!!!

My ever faithful Chickadees have discovered that they can roost on the tomato cages that I’m using this year for my green peppers.  That and the trellis for the peas too.

Speaking of peas.  My first planting is nearing the end and I’ll be pulling the vines down soon enough.  I can move the trellis to the new bed at that point and then plant some new peas.  I’m gonna keep planting for as long as I can.

I see the doctor today and I’m anxious about it.  Well time to try and get some work done so it distracts me.

Oh yeh, I was texting Melanie last night for those that remember her.  She said to let all know that she and her family are doing well.  🙂