Looking out my back door this morning


I have a fly flying around the inside of my house.  It amazes me that it can find a way to fly “in” the house with only 2″ of space (or less) yet it can’t find its way “out” when I open the patio screen all the way.  Flies are so dumb.

Today finds me doing my usual Saturday chores:

  • Vacuum the house
  • Bake bread
  • Clean the kitchen floor afterwards

It’s a beautiful day in central Minnesota this morning.  Hopefully the weather lasts for a while tho we could use a little rain.

19 responses to “Looking out my back door this morning

  1. You didn’t know? The fly doesn’t WANT to leave. It’s warmer in your house for one thing, and there’s all that food, besides things that smell — interesting. Not saying your house is stinky, no no, just that flies have a short life and short attention span. Me? I’d get a rolled up newspaper or fly swatter…

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