Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain for total control.  Let’s see how it goes this week.

1. I hopped on the scale this morning and it read “209”.  I was so surprised that I re-weighed myself 4 more times.  That puts me down 15 pounds since this past April and at my target goal for this summer.  Now I just have to keep it off.  I will have a new target goal of “200” by the end of the year if I keep this off.

2. I booked my vacation yesterday.  I got a great deal on a trip to Ireland in late February. I also saw a short trip from Berlin toDresden to Munich listed and they usually start in December.  I could hit several Christmas Markets if I booked one of those for next year.  It’s something to think about.

3. The gummys and I had a blast shooting their rocket copters yesterday afternoon.  It’s amazing that a couple bucks in plastic and rubber bands can keep kids that content for that long.

4. I’m getting some nice young carrots this week out of my garden thanks to my step Dad’s advice.  The is the first time I’ve ever planted them.  There have been some nice lessons learned for next year.  The gummys have had a nice time picking them and eating them fresh from the garden.

5. I’m unmotivated for work this week.  It’s mainly due to me going back to the doctor next week and I’m sure he will clear me to return to work.  I’ll really miss this working from home and no commuting.  It’s also saved me a bunch of money for not having to buy lunch downtown.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a vigorous “HELLO!” when you pass thru.   🙂


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I think this is the part where you are to write something clever and witty about yourself. I’m solidly locked in middle age and content with myself. I love to travel to see and experience new things, new foods and new drink. I also like to cook and bake mainly because I like to eat. And I found out that I’m pretty good at both. I'm not a professional blogger nor do I want to be. I'll leave that to others while I'll kick back and post whatever suddenly pops into my brain. I'm more spontaneous anyway. And the rest we’ll just kinda sorta figure out as we go along. Feel free to leave comments or even just to say "Hello". Find me at:

32 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

    1. it would be nice to see if I can find some time to go track down my Great Grandfather and his family. all I know is when he supposedly was born there and what year he came to America.

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      1. That’ll be awesome! Have you done one of those ancestory searches? I know my Mama found out lots on her family line before she went to England, and managed to track down the graves of great great grand parents. Pretty cool journey to take!

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      2. yeh. I’ve been working on my family tree for over 25 years and probably have the best records as compared to anyone else in my family. my older brother has pictures that I don’t have tho.

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  1. Yay on the weight loss! I bet you can keep it off, just stay away from gelato 😉 And YAY on the trip to Ireland. It’s about time you went there. I’ve been sending you telepathic messages “go to Ireland, go to Ireland”. Can’t wait for the pictures you bring back with you.

    I’ve never grown a good carrot even in my best garden, so Yay on that too. Just one big YAY for you today 😀

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      1. Haha, your reading comprehension is questionable, but since you mentioned it, go ahead, take them off. You work from home 🙂 And it would make you weigh a couple ounces less if you were nakie 😉

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      2. Well your birthday suit is wool….. and I am appalled, you are and Italian sheep when you claimed all this time to be Irish !!

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      3. that was supposed to read “an” not “and” . I am slipping in my old age. What?? an Italian that doesn’t speak the language. That is kind of suspicious of you ask me. I think you may be and Irish hooligan posing as an Italian sheep . Am I right?? 😀

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