Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


The morning broke grey today.  It will all burn off later today but for now there are no blue summer skies here.

I can hear the Blue Jay out in the trees this morning.  That is one shy bird and it’s difficult at best to coax it in for regular feedings.  I’m sure it’s keeping track of where the feed is if it decides to spend the winter here.  I’ll be seeing more of it over the winter if that’s the case.

I went to my store of dreams last night and ordered up my garden shed.  It will be nice to get it in place so I can empty out the garage of stuff that’s just cluttering it up.  I did notice that I was extremely tired after I left.  That was a lot of standing around which was pretty hard on me.  I’ll have to talk to my doctor about it.  It’s disappointing to find my normal stamina is gone.

I hate having holidays in the middle of the week without taking the week off.  I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

I bought the gummys some rocket copters with LED lights.  You shoot them up into the air and they come spinning down with glowing lights.  These will be pretty cool if they’re anything like the ones that I saw in Paris.  We’ll have some fun with them.

14 responses to “Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

  1. I’ve never heard of a shy blue jay. That must be a northern thing. I really hope you start feeling better and get recover fully from these issues you are having. It is rather disconcerting when our body begins to betray us …

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      • Thanks, Jim, I hope you had a nice 4th also. I’ve been inundated with chores and tasks that I have vowed to complete before the end of summer. So far, I’m a bit ahead of the game, I think I’m gonna make it! 😀

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      • woo hoo! you go! I’m amazed that you’re doing so well given it’s Texas and it’s summer. but I suppose they breed you Texas ladies to be a tough lot.

        I’m behind myself. June was not a good month for me. I’ll catch up tho.

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      • oh yeh. it takes some time to assimilate to the weather there. I liked to die from the heat whenever I’ve been there. like I said, you Texas ladies are a tough lot.


  2. That’s some landscaping, along with a beautiful lawn. I work hard on my own, and I’m always looking for new ideas. I couldn’t quite tell what’s on the left. is that some type of garden with a trellis?

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  3. About that Blu J… down here Blue Jays are the Donald Trump of birds. First of all, they are HUGE and they throw other birds out of their nests and dump their eggs AND are constantly dive-bombing the cats… AND their turds are HUGE which can only be washed off with a pressure washer. We have a large pine tree in our front yard that used to be the home of several Mockingbirds and Cardinals… that is until Donald “JAY” Trump moved in! Yikes! He has totally de stabilized the entire neighborhood! 😨💩

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